About Us
Whitebox Construction Ltd was first founded in 2002 by Anthony Sherratt, following over 20 years of experience working in the industry. Since our inception we have grown quickly and have now worked with a great range of well known clients including:

Our clients work with us as we are completely independent of manufacturers, but at the same time working closely with many major panel and door producers including:

So why use Whitebox?
  • Experience – we have experience of working on many bespoke jobs which means we have a record of solving problems for clients
  • We work in hand WITH other companies involved in the construction project so there are no conflicts of interest when we work on your project to make it more cost effective and more harmonious for you and everyone else involved
  • Turnaround – work with many different manufacturers which means if, as can sometimes happen, anyone lets us down we have other alternatives so we can ensure your deadlines are met

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